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A Real Life Example of How a Business Continuity Plan can Save Your Business

Mount Pleasant IT Firm Dodges Catastrophe

On the night of September 16, 2013, lightning struck a two-story office building along Shem Creek in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

A security alarm immediately notified employees and triggered a call to the fire department.

“I could see smoke pouring out of the windows by the time I got to the office around 7 o’clock,” said Willis Cantey, founder of Cantey Technology.

Lightning surged through the IT company’s network connections, despite surge protection devices, and started a blaze which destroyed their network closet. Even though the building didn’t burn to the ground, the fire melted and burned cables, computer hardware and networking equipment beyond repair.

“It looked like a charred marshmallow,” said Cantey, describing the damage he surveyed in the aftermath.

When you run an IT company and hosting client servers and data is your bread and butter, the destruction of your network infrastructure is the last thing you want to happen.

But, despite the fact that Cantey and his staff were forced to work in a temporary location for several weeks, their clients never felt the effects of the disruption.

“Our clients had no idea.”

Cantey Technology’s 200 clients had no idea lightning struck the company’s office, because there was no interruption in service.

Five years ago, Cantey began implementing a business continuity plan. This involved moving all of his client servers to a remote data center and scheduling continual data back-ups.

Before the fire, Cantey Technology’s data was safely stored in Immedion’s Ladson, South Carolina data center. The data was still there after the fire.

The data center even allowed Cantey and his employees to set up a temporary office in its conference room, so they could have a central location from which to continue serving their customers.

Had Cantey not put a plan in place, he firmly believes his story would’ve turned out much differently.

“If we didn’t take continuity of operations seriously, if we had our client servers on site, didn’t back up data, we wouldn’t be in business right now.”

Cantey and his 17 employees are now back in their office. Reflecting on his experience with disaster, he urges business owners to think about the ‘what ifs’.

“What if there is a fire? What do you do the next day?”

Cantey says the bottom line is to have a plan. For him, it provided a roadmap to follow during the recovery process, so he didn’t lose customers. Having a plan ultimately saved his entire business.

And here’s a little known fact: Atlantic’s planning processes will prepare you for many potential disruptions to your business. Fire, flood, hurricane, loss of key employee, IT meltdown and more. Remember, we can’t predict; but we can plan. Just ask Willis Cantey.

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