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Atlantic Business Continuity Services

American Automated Payroll
American Automated Payroll (AAP) is a professional payroll service provider based in Summerville, South Carolina. AAP’s local professionals offer expertise in dealing with payroll and payroll taxes, saving businesses time and money. In addition, the firm provides business solutions for human resources, time and attendance tracking, 401(K) plan administration and workers’ compensation insurance.

AAP’s Business Need
In order to continue growing the company, AAP’s executives needed to be able to demonstrate to clients that contingency plans were in place to maintain their level of service in case of a disruption to the business, be it from a local power outage, a natural disaster or anything in between. They also wanted to ensure their business operations were sufficiently secure to support their desired expansion.

Meeting the Need: Atlantic Business Continuity Services
AAP was committed to assuring its clients and its employees that it had a thorough plan to ensure its future business success. Recognizing that digging deep into company processes and identifying necessary changes would be time-consuming and stressful, Andrew Osborne, AAP’s Vice President of Operations, called in Atlantic Business Continuity Services to facilitate the process. Atlantic offers a five step strategy to identify and mitigate the threats that can disrupt a business, including human error, utility and internet outages, computer viruses, fire, theft and other man-made and natural disasters.

Solution: A Business Continuity Plan That Serves Clients and Employees
Working closely with AAP staff, Atlantic’s certified continuity planner, Scott Cave, identified the threats and risks to AAP’s operations, analyzed and prioritized its business processes, developed a plan and recommended implementation steps.

According to Osborne, Cave highlighted areas of the business that could be vulnerable, allowing AAP’s management team to take the necessary precautions to make their business more secure and optimize their operations for future growth. Using its Atlantic plan, AAP met its goal of demonstrating to current and future clients that it is well positioned to deliver reliable service.

“Before a prospective customer even asks about contingencies, AAP is able to show that we have a detailed, multi-level plan to deal with any type of potential business disruption,” shares Osborne. In addition to improving the overall security of their business operations and helping to attract future clients, having a business continuity plan has brought another benefit. Adds Osborne, “We know that our company’s greatest asset is our people, and this plan demonstrates to our team members that we’re concerned about their well-being and safety.”

It wasn’t long before AAP’s business continuity plan was put to the test. Due to nearby construction, phone and computer lines to AAP’s offices were temporarily disrupted. “No mad panic ensued,” notes Osborne with satisfaction. “We just reached for the book and we were ready to handle the disruption according to the plan.”