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Atlantic Business Continuity Services

eGroup, Inc.
eGroup, Inc. offers solutions enabling businesses to enhance their competitive position by using today’s technology to provide high-performance and secure ways to collect, store and access information. eGroup works with its clients to identify requirements, and then design, develop and deliver services and support using custom information technology solutions capable of growing as business needs dictate.

eGroup’s Business Need
As a rapidly growing provider of sophisticated IT solutions for complex customers, eGroup is committed to providing a responsive and reliable presence to its customer base. The company’s changing environment and dedication to its clients made it equally important to have both a plan for progress and a plan for the unexpected. As a business “constantly in motion”, finding the appropriate resource to help develop contingency planning was essential.

Meeting the Need: Atlantic Business Continuity Services
eGroup realized that a comprehensive examination and multifaceted process would be required to develop a thorough business continuity plan, so the company needed a qualified and experienced provider to guide it. This brought eGroup to Atlantic’s Scott Cave. “It was an obvious choice for us to engage Scott Cave, given his impeccable credentials, certifications and attention to detail. Combined with his operational insight and years of experience creating disaster avoidance and action-oriented response planning, we knew Scott would be able to deliver the goods,” stated eGroup’s Principal Consultant, Mike Carter.

Atlantic offers a five step process to identify and mitigate threats that disrupt a business, including human error, utility and internet outages, computer viruses, fire, theft and other man-made and natural disasters.

Solution: A Business Continuity Plan Serving Clients and Employees
Atlantic facilitated eGroup’s contingency planning, from the initial Risk Assessment, through the process leading to a Business Impact Analysis; and, finally, developing appropriate Action Plans with recommended implementation steps. There is no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to continuity planning; because, regardless of how operationally similar businesses may be, there are unique differences which must be considered. Atlantic is committed to the success of its clients and Carter recognized this philosophy, indicating “all work was done professionally, on-time, within budget, and with a focus on our business.”

In summary, eGroup recommends Atlantic Business Continuity Services “to any organization looking to differentiate themselves as an industry leader with a true commitment to their customers”