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scott cave - certified business continuity professional Scott Cave is a Certified Business Continuity Professional with more than 15 years of experience in plan development and maintenance in South Carolina, North Carolina, and throughout the United States. He received certification in 2006 through Disaster Recovery Institute International and completed the Master Exercise Practitioner designation through FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute in 2017.


Scott is a member of:

  • Business Continuity Planning Council of the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce.
  • Contingency Planning Association of the Carolinas (CPAC) – an organization of Professional Contingency Planners focused on needs in North and South Carolina.
  • Tri-County Recovery Communications Network (RCN), associated with the Community and Regional Resilience Institute (CARRI) – a committee dedicated to strengthening communication channels needed to support rapid recovery from a disaster event.

Local expertise matters

Our journey into business continuity and disaster planning began several years ago, when we sought help developing our own plan.

What we found was that most experts only offered technology specific services or provided solutions targeted to large corporations with big budgets. Very few were easy to reach and familiar with business operations in a coastal community.

Being dissatisfied with the available resources and unable to find a business continuity consultant capable of addressing our situation and circumstances, we invested the time and effort to develop our own expertise. The end result was Scott’s certification in Business Continuity Planning, with special interest and focus on the particular needs of the Southeast region.

Atlantic owners and staff have a vested interest in the community. We’re patrons of fellow local businesses. We support local charities, schools and interests; and our team members volunteer their time in the community. This is our home!

As a South Carolina Business Continuity company, our goal is to use our local knowledge, combined with our professional expertise, to provide the best continuity preparation possible. That way, organizations are able to resume operations quickly in the event of a disruption and get the community back on its feet.


“Businesses without continuity plans are not prepared. In order to continue to build your business properly you must ensure that your foundation is secure.”

Andrew Osborne, VP Operations
American Automated Payroll, Summerville

“It was an obvious choice for us to engage Scott Cave, given his impeccable credentials, certifications and attention to detail. Combined with his operational insight, and years of experience creating disaster avoidance and action-oriented response planning, we knew Scott would be able to deliver the goods.”

Mike Carter, Principal Consultant
eGroup, Inc., Mt. Pleasant

“The Mayor and Town Council were truly impressed with the professionalism and completeness of Scott’s work. Very detail oriented.”

Randy Pierce, Administrator
Town of Seabrook Island


The following cases illustrate how Atlantic analyzes an organization’s operations to develop a strategic plan.

American Automated Payroll (AAP) provides payroll services for more than 1,000 customers. The company’s motto is “We’re in the business of peace of mind.” To prove that to potential clients, AAP turned to Atlantic to create a contingency plan, to ensure service would be maintained in case of a disruption.
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eGroup, Inc. enables businesses’ competitive positions by providing high-performance and secure ways to collect, store and access information. The company’s changing environment – and dedication to its clients – made it equally important to have both a plan for progress and a plan for the unexpected. As a business “constantly in motion”, finding the appropriate resource to develop contingency planning was essential.
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The Town of Seabrook Island is a diverse coastal community with a fluctuating population of full-time residents and vacationers. The tenure of elected officials also fluctuates, which requires quick communication of disaster recovery steps to newly elected Town Council members. However, Seabrook Island had neither the personnel nor the expertise to conduct a full assessment of its potential threats. Without a plan to mitigate risks, officials were unsure whether the town could sustain operations through a disaster.
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