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Atlantic Business Continuity Services
What is business continuity and disaster planning?
Business continuity and disaster planning is a strategic planning process which enables a business or organization to continue operating in the event of a disruption. When you choose Atlantic, a certified continuity professional analyzes your operational threats and prioritizes business processes in order to develop a strategy for optimal recovery time. The end result yields a printed and actionable document easy to communicate and execute. The deliverable is also flexible enough to be updated by your employees.
What is the cost of each package?
There are several factors that determine the cost for our services because each situation is unique. Contact us today to schedule a brief meeting or conversation to review your needs. We’ll be happy to quickly quote you the cost for each of our packages that may fit your requirements.
Which package is right for us?
Each business or organization is different, with its own set of needs, requirements and reasons for developing a plan. We’ll be happy to discuss your situation and review the package options that best fit your needs. Contact us today to schedule a brief meeting or conversation to determine the right package for your organization.
Why do I need your services? Can’t I just find a plan template online and fill it in myself?
Some plan templates offer a simple way to get started with a basic plan.  However, any template is limited in its ability to ask for all the necessary information needed to adequately protect your organization. Further, many organizations do not have the time or experience to complete the template appropriately. Atlantic offers a customized planning process utilizing certified and experienced professionals to tailor a plan to your organization’s unique needs. Just as there are many tax preparation templates and do-it-yourself tax software available, the best way to ensure your taxes are filed correctly for your unique situation is to use a certified and experienced accountant. The same rationale applies to your business continuity or disaster plan. Your organization or business is too valuable to rely on a template to protect it adequately from all disasters and disruptions.
Once a plan is developed, how do I know it will actually work when needed?
Atlantic’s 5-step methodology ensures your plan will be ready and effective when needed. Step 4 ensures that your key employees and all staff are familiar with the plan and understand their roles. Step 5 ensures that critical plan components are tested, reviewed and updated periodically so your plan is validated and ready when needed.
We haven’t seen a major disaster here in a long time. Why should we spend the time and money on a plan now?
Unfortunately, no one can predict when or where the next disaster will hit or when the next business disruption will occur. Businesses and organizations are increasingly vulnerable to a growing list of threats that can disrupt normal operations, leading to costly and damaging downtime. Organizations also have a moral and legal responsibility to protect their employees. See our Why have a Plan section for more details.
Will I receive a discount on our insurance policy if I have a plan?
A business continuity plan is part of the good management practices many insurance carriers offer as a standard premium discount. Check with your insurance agent to determine if your policy offers this type of discount.
Is my organization required to have a plan?
Certain businesses and organizations are regulated and required to have specific types of plans. For example, all businesses with more than 10 employees are required by OSHA to have a written Emergency Action Plan. HIPAA also requires health care organizations to have certain plans in place to protect patient information. Other industries have regulations that require other specific plans. Contact us today to discuss if your organization may be covered by these various regulations.
What is PS-Prep and how may it impact our business?
PS-Prep is the Private Sector Preparedness initiative overseen by the Department of Homeland Security. Congress approved PS-Prep as a way to increase the preparedness of the private sector to disasters and terrorist attacks (as recommended by the 9/11 Commission). This voluntary program provides a way for plans to be independently reviewed, rated and certified for preparedness. Contact us today to discuss how this program may benefit your business, or see for more details.