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Hurricane Danny Announces the Peak of Hurricane Season

August 21, 2015Scott CaveNews

The formation of Hurricane Danny coincides with the start of the peak of hurricane season, roughly August 15 through October 15. While this storm is projected to weaken, its path and future are still unknown. Now is the time to review Hurricane Plans in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and along the Gulf Coast. Hurricane planning requires advanced preparedness in many different areas and should begin before the season starts on June 1 to ensure that an organization is ready for these storms whenever they occur. However following are some actions that every organization should be implementing now in response to Danny and the peak of hurricane season:

1) Update emergency contact information. Make sure you have current emergency contact information for all employees, critical vendors and suppliers, and customers or other stakeholders.
2) Test back-up systems. Test any back-up systems such as generators, communications, IT systems, etc.
3) Verify alternate locations. If you must evacuate, or if the storm damages your primary location, make sure you know where you will go and what you will bring to recover operations from an alternate location. Consider locations that are nearby and distant so you have options depending on the extent of local vs. regional damage.
4) Talk to key people. Discuss your plans with key employees, vendors, customers, and other stakeholders to ensure that their plans support or agree with your organizational plan.
5) Review financial plan. Check your insurance policies, documentation required for a claim, bank information, lines of credit, and other financial documentation to support your organization if the storm damages your assets or impacts your operations.

Remember that hurricanes are a unique threat because they offer plenty of warning before landfall. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity that hurricanes offer to start implementing these preparedness actions today while the winds are calm. A great place to start is our Hurricane Readiness Assessment that will help you benchmark your organization’s plan against our best practices. Upon completing the Hurricane Readiness Assessment, we will send you a report card with grades in each key readiness area to help you understand your gaps and areas for improvement. Please contact us for more information if you need any help preparing your organization today.

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